The Dawg Blawgs Post Draft Analysis

Posted by Author On April - 28th - 2009

A look back on the Cleveland Browns selections in the 2009 NFL Draft.

The Dawg Blawgs Pre-Draft Thoughts

Posted by Matt Snyder On April - 24th - 2009

A look at The Dawg Blawgs Pre-Draft thoughts on the Browns first round selection and trade rumors.

Crabtree hopes to join Browns...

Posted by Matt Snyder On April - 23rd - 2009

NFL prospect Michael Crabtree would love to be holding a Browns jersey when his name is called on Saturday during the 2009 NFL Draft.

Justin Tuck Endorses Edwards

Posted by Matt Snyder On April - 21st- 2009

New York Giant defensive end Justin Tuck had a lot to say about Braylon Edwards in a recent interview.

2009 NFL Mock Draft

Posted by Matt Snyder On April - 19th - 2009

The Dawg Blawg's look at the 2009 NFL Draft

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1. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia.

The last time the Lions selected a Quarterback in the first round was in 2002 when they selected Joey Harrington so of course they will be a little hesitant. In the previous two draft's the Lions have started to put together the pieces of a power offense. In 2007 they selected Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson in the first round, and in 2008 they selected running back Kevin Smith out of Central Florida who nearly had a 1,000 yard season in 2008 as a rookie. As of recently Detroit has signed Wide Receiver Ronald Curry who looks to be a solid number two receiver. The Lions are in desperate need of a Quarterback. Going into the 2009 season the Lions current depth chart lists Daunte Culpepper as their starter at signal caller. Drafting Stafford should be an immediate step up from that of Culpepper. The NFL draft is never a sure thing, especially when it comes down to drafting a QB. Many view Stafford as potentially being the type of player that you can build a team around. Stafford is said to be a very sound player when it comes to his mechanics and intangibles. However, Detroit selecting Stafford number one overall isn't a done deal yet. You could possibly see the Lions selecting offensive tackle Jason Smith or even linebacker Aaron Curry. With Detroit having the 20th pick in the first round and the 1st pick of round 2 Detroit could also pick up a offensive lineman to help protect Stafford. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with letting Stafford sit the bench for a year and draft an offensive line in the 2010 draft. In the end I see the lines finally making a smart decision and drafting Stafford number one overall.

2. St. Louis Rams: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia.

I'm considering this
a locked pick in the sense that St. Louis will draft a tackle at this position. If Miami wouldn't have drafted Jake Long number one overall in last years draft it was said that St. Louis would've taken him at number 2 instead of defensive end Chris Long. With Pro bowl tackle Orlando Pace no longer with the team, the Rams have a gaping hole to fill on the left side. When it comes down to it the Rams will be selecting either Eugene Monroe or OT Jason Smith out of Baylor. Monroe has prototypical size for an OT (6'5 300 lbs.). Monroe is very athletic and is quite agile for his size. He's light on his feet and moves well laterally. The Rams have more than one need to address on offense so don't be surprised if the Rams select Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree to replace Torry Holt. Aaron Curry is another option at number 2 for the Rams.

3. Kansas City Chiefs: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor.

I've seen many other Mock Drafts having Aaron Curry for months. Although there is still a good chance that the Chiefs select Curry, I see Kansas City taking Smith or Monroe. After first year GM Scott Pioli traded for Matt Cassel he will surely want to protect his signal caller. Kansas City is hoping that Monroe is available when it comes time to make a selection. They like what they see in both Smith and Monroe, however teaming Monroe up with former college teammate Branden Albert could solidify a an elite set of tackles for the next decade. However Aaron Curry is still in the mix. Many consider Curry to be in the top 2-3 prospects in the draft and the Chiefs could use a stud linebacker. Pioli may also want to deal this pick and move down while adding more picks to his stockpile.

4. Seattle Seahawks: Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forrest.

I consider
the Seahawks to be this years Wildcard pick. There are too many different ways they could go with this pick. However, when it comes down to it the Seahawks will take Curry. Seattle has longed for a strong linebacker for years now. They had one in Julian Peterson but then traded him to Detroit. Even though they franchised linebacker Leroy Hill, he has yet to sign the tender which puts his future in Seattle questionable. In my eyes Curry is the safest pick in this draft. Seattle will also be watching to see if Smith or Monroe are available, at the same time Quarterback Mark Sanchez or Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree can't be ruled out.

5. Cleveland Browns: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech.

of dealing Quarterback Brady Quinn and Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards could potentially have the Browns landing 2 additional first round picks, giving them a total of 3. With this pick I see them taking Crabtree. The Browns would love a shot at Aaron Curry, but that most likely wont happen. With Donte Stallworth facing some serious prison time and Cleveland potentially parting with Braylon Edwards leaves the Browns with Josh Cribbs, David Patten and Syndric Steptoe. So if Edwards is dealt the Browns will have to find a replacement. Given that Crabtree is no Braylon Edwards when it comes to speed. However, Crabtree does have the ability to catch the ball, one thing that Edwards wasnt capable of doing last season. When it comes to size, hands, body control and leaping ability, some consider crabtree to be elite. If the Browns have their eyes set on a linebacker Brian Orakpo will be available for them to select. With Shaun Rogers lack of want to be in Cleveland, defensive tackle B.J. Raji is an option, and don't rule out Malcolm Jenkins from Ohio State to help improve their secondary.

6. Cincinnati Bengals: Andre Smith, OT, Alabama.

It's no secret that the B
engals had some offensive line issues in 2008 as they finished the season ranked 29th in rushing and 30th in sacks allowed. As if things weren't bad enough the Bengals also lost their starting right tackle, Stacey Andrews, to free agency in the offseason. Based on talent many consider Smith to be in the top 5 prospects. But many are turned off when it comes to his conditioning and personality. After a poor showing at the combine many had Smith falling out of the top ten. However, Cincinnati has over looked problems in players character for raw talent. You might see Cincinnati take another tackle such as Michael Oher or even add a defensive tackle like B.J. Raji.

7. Oakland Raiders: Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri.

In order for JaMarc
us Russell to be successful, the Raiders need an elite pass catcher. With Russell's arm strength and Al Davis' likeness for speed, the Raiders will want someone who can stretch the field. Maclin is a speedy playmaker and is also considered to be one of the top return guys in the draft. There is a possibility that Maclin will remind Davis of one of his all-time favorite Raiders, Tim Brown. Don't be suprised to see Oakland select Andre Smith if he falls. The possibility of Oakland trading down to select another wide receiver like Percy Harvin while adding another pick is also an option. In the end Davis needs to give JaMarcus Russell someone to throw to, and is most likely the direction that they will go.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mark Sanchez, QB, USC.

I don't like th
is pick, but it could potentially benefit the Jaguars. If the Jags make this pick, don't expect Sanchez to be taking snaps anytime soon. Although Sanchez had a good year at USC, that's all it was, a year. Sanchez is a very unexpierenced Quarterback, had he stayed another year at USC he most likely would've been the 1st overall pick of the 2010 draft. The Jags may also take a look at another wide receiver such as Darrius Heyward-Bey. Adding another defensive tackle like B.J. Raji to help out John Henderson.

9. Green Bay Packers: Brian Orakpo, LB, Texas.

The 3-4 defense
has added another team to it's list, the Green Bay Packers. Because of the transition to a 3-4 defense the Packers will be looking to go defensive with this pick. Brian Orakpo is a BEAST, he's a dominate pass rusher who knows how to get to the backfield. Orakpo is known as a "Workout Warrior" and is consider to be a physical specimen (6'3 263 lbs. with a 4.7 40 time.) in the NFL. Other than having physical greatness on his side, Orakpo can get the job done on the field. As a matter of fack Orakpo racked up 19 tackles for a loss and 11.5 sacks his senior year at Texas. Another possibility for the Pack is Tyson Jackson a defensive end from LSU.

10. San Fransisco 49ers: Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State.

If Mark Sanchez is still available the niners could snatch him up, but if he's gone look for San Fransisco to address another need. Coach Mike Singletary would like to bring in a defender and they will have quite the selection to choose from. The Niners would love to get their hands on Orakpo but if he's selected before San Fransisco pick look for them to take Aaron Maybin. Maybin isn't quite ready physically for the NFL, but Maybin has a lot of upside. Because of Maybin's speed he could always play some outside linebacker, if needed. Rumors have it that the Niners could also send this pick to the Browns for Quarterback Brady Quinn.

11. Buffalo Bills: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St.

This is Buffalo's man, they want him with a passion. Realistically they could probably move down and still draft him. This is might be a good time for a team to trade up to se
lect a Quarterback. Pettigrew is the top tight end in the draft. He isn't a dynamic receiving tight end like that of Kellen Winslow Jr. or Vernon Davis, but is viewed as more of an all around player. Buffalo has already improved its offense by adding Terrell Owens and the addition of Pettigrew could only better themselves from the offense stand point. If the Bills were to go in another direction it would be defensive, specifically defensive end. Aaron Schobel production has regressed and the Bills don't have anyone opposite of him so they may take a look at Robert Ayers.

12. Denver Broncos: B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College.

New Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan plans on having the team make the transition to a 3-4 and at this time the team lacks a bull rushing nose tackle. This is where Raji comes into the picture. Raji had an extraordinary performance in the Senior Bowl which puts him in the top 5-10 overall. However due to team needs I have Raji falling to the Broncs where he should fit comfortably into Denver's new
3-4 defense. He knows how to be effective in the 4-3 but many think that a 3-4 defense would better suit his playing style. If Raji isn't available the Broncos will probably still draft defensively, look for them to draft a linebacker. With the parting of Quarterback Jay Cutler, and the arrival of Kyle Orton, the Broncs just arent sold on Orton. Don't be surprised if Denver makes a trade into the top 10 to draft Quarterback Mark Sanchez, who would be a perfect fit into rookie head coach Josh McDaniel's offense.

13. Washington Redskins: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU.

The Redskins are looking to beef up their defensive line, with the signing of Albert Haynesworth to stop the run they will need a pass rusher. With the departure of Jason Taylor the Skins do not have a pass rusher. Although Jackson is no Jason Taylor he would still be an improvement. You could also look for Washington to take an interest in a linebacker to replace Marcus Washington. USC linebacker could be an ideal fit for them on the strongside. The Skins may also want to take a look at offensive tackle Michael Oher since current Tackle Chris Samuels is nearly 32 years old.

14. New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins, DB, Ohio State.

The Saints have ha
d some poor luck in the past when it comes to defensive backs. They invested a lot of money into cornerback Randall Gay and spent numberous draft picks in selecting defensive backs as well. The Saints may have a good defensive back in Tracey Porter who had 25 tackles in 5 games in 2008, but they will need someone opposite of him. If somehow Jenkins falls this for look for New Orleans to jump all over him. Jenkins is the top defensive back prospect in the draft. He played Cornerback at Ohio State but many feel that he may have better production at safety. The Saints could also try to improve their linebacking core and draft Brian Cushing.

15. Houston Texans: Clay Matthews, LB, USC.

The Texans went out in the offseason and signed defensive end Antonio Smith to play opposite of Mario Williams. Defensive Coordinator Frank Bush played linebacker and coached at the position in the NFL, so he
may want to bring in one of his own. Zach Diles was having a productive season until he became injured and the Texans don't have a sure replacement for Marlon Greenwood. Matthews is son of former Browns Pro-Bowl linebacker Clay Matthews Jr. Matthews was a walk-on at USC and with hard work has solidified a spot in the first round of the NFL Draft. Oh, did I mention that his uncle, Bruce Matthews coaches on the Texans staff?

16. San Diego Chargers: Brian Cushing, LB, USC.

This one was a to
ughy, the Chargers are stocked full of talent and it's hard to predict which way they'll go in the draft. Even though the Chargers are full of talent they can still stand to improve in some areas, such as inside linebacker. They lack an impact performer at inside linebacker and Brian Cushing could be that guy. Because Cushing played outside linebacker in college Cushing will be a project for the Chargers due to their 3-4 defense. Also keep an eye out for the Chargers to look for a runningback. Who know's how much longer we'll be seeing LaDainian Tomlinson in a Bolts uniform, and with Knowshon Moreno and Beanie Wells most likely being available the Bolts might be tempted to swipe one up.

17. New York Jets: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas St.

Well, Brett Favre has retired.....again, but this time he has left his former team in dire need of a quarterback. Since Favre has retired the Jets are now left with Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff. So unless management has a new found faith in Clemens you will most likely see them taking Freeman with this pick. Freeman has a cannon arm and prototypical size standing at 6'6 250 lbs. Selecting Freeman this early is reaching him, he's undoubtably first round worthy, but taking him in the top 20 is a reach. So if I were the Jets I'd ask around to see if anyone would like to move up that way the Jets get their man and most likely another second day pick. If the Jets were to go in a different direction look for it to be at the Wide Receiver position, maybe selecting Darrius Heyward-Bey or Percy Harvin to replace Laveranues Coles.

18. Denver Broncos (from Chi.): Robert Ayers, OLB, Tennesse.

Look for the Broncs to take Mark Sanchez if he is still available, but in all likelihood Sanchez will be taken by the time Denver makes their second selection. Since Sanchez is most likely selected by this time look for Denver to go defensive again. The Broncs have too many needs to meet on defense, whether it be the D-line, linebackers, or secondary. Selecting any one of those positions would benefit the Broncos with this pick. At this pick in the draft Denver will have quite a selection of defensive players to pick from. I see Ayers being new Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan's guy. With an abundance of defensive players being available at this time Denver could easily go with Rey Maualuga, Everette Brown, or possibly Larry English.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Evander Hood, DT, Missouri.

It looks like Tampa Bay could really use a defensive tackle out there and Evander Hood looks to be the best guy on the board at this time. Hood isn't a very flashy but he's a well rounded player with solid physical tools and intangibles that are out of this world. Peria Jerry is also a possibility at defensive tackle if someone manages to swipe Hood up by this pick. You can also look for Tampa Bay to make a run for Quarterback Josh Freeman. The Bucs have made it quite clear that they are in love with Freeman. The Bucs could also take a defensive end since they need to reconstruct the entire defensive line.

20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas.): Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss.

This would be a safe pick for Detroit if they take Quarterback Matthew Stafford first overall. It would be unfair to Stafford if the Lions ruin yet another young quarterbacks career (ex. Joey Harrington). The Lions cannot draft another QB and put him in a system with no protection. Yes, Stafford should have better targets to throw to than Harrington did, but it doesn't help if you don't have enough time to read the defense. So Detroit management should be smart and protect their invest by drafting an offensive tackle here. No one can say whether or not Oher will be available at this time but an OT or two should still be available in the first round. Adding Oher would give the Lions a strong blindside blocker and potentially allow them to move Jeff Backus to guard.

21. Philadelphia Eagles: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia.

Bryan Westbrook is turning 30 this upcoming season and you can never guarantee that he'll be healthy either. The Iggles should look to bring in a solid back up to replace Correll Buckhalter in case of Westbrook going down with another injury. There is always the possibility that Moreno won't be available but running backs tend to fall down the board a bit. A number of people have ranked Moreno in the top ten players in the draft and compare him to Cadillac Williams. Moreno doesn't have size or speed for that matter, but gets yards merely on insticts and vision. The Eagles could try to trade up to draft Tight End Brandon Pettigrew to replace LJ Smith or even possibly a veteran wideout.

22. Minnesota Vikings: Eben Britton, OT, Arizona.

The Vikes were looking to make a run at some of the top O-line free agents this year until they signed elsewhere. So now look for them to make up for that in the draft. Britton isn't a elite tackle in this draft, but I feel that he will have a solid career playing on the right side. The Vikings could also look at center, Max Unger, who could be a potential replacement for Matt Birk. Unger also has the ability to play right tackle and guard. Minnesota may also take a look at a wide receiver such as Darrius Heyward-Bey since they lost out on TJ "Whosyourmomma" in free agency.

23. New England Patriots: Rey Maualuga, LB, USC.

A lot of people will be surprised that Maualuga fell this far in the draft but with the solid combine performances that his fellow USC linebackers (Cushing and Matthews) had overshadowed Maualuga. The Patriots could benefit quite well if Maualuga were to fall this far. Last year the Pats got lucky with taking LB Jerod Mayo in the first round but they still have some issues in the linebacker core. The big knock against Maualuga is his maturity but New England would be a good place for him to mature. New England wouldn't need Maualuga to start which will give him some time to learn from veteran linebacker Tedi Bruschi. The Patriots might also take a look at Everette Brown or Robert Ayers to help the outside. Lawrence Maroney hasn't quite lived up to his hype which may cause the Pats to draft Chris "Beanie" Wells, the running back from Ohio State.

24. Atlanta Falcons: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss.

The Falcons shocked the football world by winning 11 games last year, mostly thanks to Matt Ryan. Last year the Falcons nearly passed up on Ryan to draft defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey which really shows how much the Falcons are in need of help on the D-line. Peria is quick with good strength, however he needs to stay healthy but Jerry has the ability to be an outstanding run stopper at the professional level. You can also look for the Falcons to go after a linebacker if Matthews, or Cushing is available.

25. Miami Dolphins: Everette Brown, OLB, Florida St.

Usually I would expect the Dolphins to select a receiver at this spot but Bill Parcells refuses to take one in the first round. Therefore the Fins will look to fill a defensive need at linebacker. Joey Porter just has his best year of his career, however Porter is getting up there in age and Matt Roth just isn't getting the job done opposite of Porter. What position Brown will play is still up in the air, defensive end or outside linebacker. However, I'm quite confident that Parcells would have the intention of Brown playing OLB if he is selected. It wouldn't be a shocker if the Fins address the secondary with this pick. Cornerback Andre Goodman left as a free agent and Will Allen's contract is up at the end of the season so Darius Butler or Vontae Davis could be an option.

26. Baltimore Ravens: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome has his eyes set on "DHB" and if he falls to Ravens Newsome won't think twice before selecting him. After Quarterback Joe Flacco lead the Ravens to the playoffs last year Baltimore will want to get a weapon or two to aid Flacco. Heyward-Bey would be a major weapon in the Raven Offense. Coming in at 6'2 210 lbs with a 4.3 40 time Heyward is considered to be in the top 3 wideouts in the draft. Don't expect DHB to have a 1,000 yd season his rookie year, he's still a bit raw but will be a number one receiver in time. You can also look for the Ravens to draft OT Eben Britton or LB Rey Maualuga to play along side Ray Lewis.

27. Indianapolis Colts: Percy Harvin, WR, Florida.

After releasing longtime Colts receiver Marvin Harrison the Colts will be looking to replace him. Harvin is easily a top ten player in the draft but his durability and character has people weary on selecting him. If he were to fall to the Colts, Harvin would be an option. Harvin has outstanding athleticism with excellent speed and quickness. Harvin offers soft, reliable hands and has great body control. You can look for Harvin to be a great compliment of Gonzales and Wayne in the Colts offense. On the other hand Indy could draft defensively and select a defensive tackle like Peria Jerry if he's available.

28. Buffalo Bills (from Phila): Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma.

After trading OT Jason Peters to the Iggles for an abundance of draft picks including the 28th overall the Bills are now looking to replace Peters. Loadholt, the 6-8 330 pound tackle could be a good replacement for Peters. The Bills could also look to draft runningback Beanie Wells, Marshawn Lynch has been productive for Buffalo but his off the field antics are putting his job in jeopardy. The Bills could always trade this pick for a veteran Quarterback or even try to move up to take on in the first round.

29. Cleveland Browns (from NYG): Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB, Ohio State.

I'm making a bold move here. Originally the 29th selection belongs to the New York Giants, however recent trade rumors have the Giants sending this pick to the Browns for WR Braylon Edwards. I think that Cleveland gets this deal done on draft day to select Chris Wells. Jamal Lewis is getting old and his productive is slowly decreasing. Drafting Wells here will give the Browns a strong back up for Lewis and at the same time make them a run first offense. The Browns could also take a defensive back here like Darius Butler or Vontae Davis, either player would make an impact in the poor secondary Cleveland already has.

30. Tennesse Titans: Darius Butler, DB, Connecticut.

Nick Harper will be turning 35 this upcoming season and now that Chris Carr is gone they aren't very deep at the cornerback position. Many teams have Darius Butler at the top of their defensive back chart. With his excellent speed and outstanding playmaking ability Butler should easily fit into the Titans secondary. He's a great return guy and even saw some action at wide receiver in college. The Titans could option with Ron Brace, a big 334 pound defensive tackle to replace Albert Haynesworth.

31. Arizona Cardinals: Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut.

The Cards would love to grab Chris Wells if he were to fall, but if he is unavailable look for them to turn their attention to Brown. Brown is a natural runner with great vision and instincts and has a knack for making big plays. The Cardinals could also use an upgrade at center so Max Unger could be an option there. Arizona may also want to replace Mike Gandy after he was abused at the Superbowl so they may want to consider a left guard as well.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois.

The Steelers need an offensive lineman but can probably find one in the second round. However, Pittsburgh lost Bryant McFadden to free agency and the team is always looking to improve the defense. Davis has good size and speed, physically he is one of the most impressive players in the draft. Davis, who is a good all around cornerback, could possibly slip this far due to problems with his character and off the field issues. If he were to fall this far there is no doubt in my mind that Mike Tomlin, a former defensive back, would jump all over Davis. If Davis is selected before the Steelers have a chance to snag him Center Alex Mack out of California is a possibility for Pittsburgh.

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