The Dawg Blawgs Post Draft Analysis

Posted by Author On April - 28th - 2009

A look back on the Cleveland Browns selections in the 2009 NFL Draft.

The Dawg Blawgs Pre-Draft Thoughts

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A look at The Dawg Blawgs Pre-Draft thoughts on the Browns first round selection and trade rumors.

Crabtree hopes to join Browns...

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NFL prospect Michael Crabtree would love to be holding a Browns jersey when his name is called on Saturday during the 2009 NFL Draft.

Justin Tuck Endorses Edwards

Posted by Matt Snyder On April - 21st- 2009

New York Giant defensive end Justin Tuck had a lot to say about Braylon Edwards in a recent interview.

2009 NFL Mock Draft

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The Dawg Blawg's look at the 2009 NFL Draft

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Justin Tuck Endorses Edwards

Posted by Matt Snyder On 2:36 PM
New York Giant defensive end Justin Tuck had a lot to say about Braylon Edwards in a recent interview.

During the interview Tuck spoke out on what is expected from new players in New York.

“The demands of this locker room are simple: Come in, be ready to work every day and don’t make yourself the center of attention because obviously we win as a football team. No one person runs the show here. That goes for everybody, the people who are here and the people who will potentially be here. If you do those things, we’re going to get along very well.”

When Tuck was asked what would happen if a player doesn't do those things, Tuck simply replied, “We’ll have problems.”.

Tuck said he spoke with Edwards about 3 weeks ago when the potential teammates met up with Packers running back Ryan Grant in New York City.

“Me and Braylon go back a long ways. We were the same draft class, we played each other at Michigan and Notre Dame. I’ve had a couple of run-ins with him. But he’s a pro bowl wide receiver for a reason. He had a down year last year, for whatever reason that is, who knows, but obviously the addition of a wide receiver of that nature would definitely help this football team.”

“He can lock down one side of the field when he’s playing his best football. He has the same kind of factor that Plaxico has, a big strong receiver who can down the field in a hurry and stretch a defense, which has the ability to open up our running game. We all know how good our running game can be when you can’t put that other safety in the box. He has the goods to do those things.”

“I know Braylon is not the type of guy, a look-at-me type player. From what I know about him he comes to work every day, he keeps his mouth closed. You don’t hear a lot of things about him off the football field. I think that’s the type of guy, especially in an environment like NYC where it’s easy to kind of get caught up in all the lights of NYC and loose your focus of what your primary job is. Do I think he’s a good fit here? Quite possibly, yes.”

It sounds like Justin and Braylon are pretty tight, something that might benefit the Browns. We already know that Eli wants Braylon in New York in a bad way, but now that another Giant player has lobbied to get the deal done, things are looking good for the Browns.

If the Browns are to trade Edwards it would give them 2 picks in the first round, pick 5 and pick 29. The Browns would mostly likely then draft WR Michael Crabtree with the 5th pick and possibly select a defensive player with the 29th. Rumors of trading Quarterback Brady Quinn to the 49ers could land the Browns a third first round pick in which they could potentially select linebacker Brian Orakpo at the ten spot. Doing this would free up the 29th pick from the Giants and allow Cleveland to select a running back such as Beanie Wells.

The 2009 NFL Draft airs on ESPN on Saturday April 25th at 4pm Eastern time.


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